Fracsoft Products and Services

Fracsoft has been developing a comprehensive range of products over the last year, most of which are designed to enhance interaction with the betfair exchange.

Please feel free to download a pdf of our brochure (printed copies available on request)

Fracsoft products 

  • SWARM Live Elite - the flagship SWARM bet execution platform for the individual betfair trader, offering massive functionality, and even more massive performance

  • Historical betfair market data - the world's first available access to fully timestamped price and volume data from betfair markets at sub-second resolution - AVAILABLE SOON!

Fracsoft services 

  • Market report generation - With access to a large historical database of betfair markets, combined with our SWARM analysis tools we can provide bespoke reports on betfiar market activity - AVAILABLE SOON!

  • Risk-free trade strategy analysis - Full betting simulation models allow us to evaluate your trading rules for you, providing a route for you to optimise your techniques without risk - AVAILABLE SOON!

  • Automated trading - Using the SWARM technology, Fracsoft can fully automate trading strategies, de-risk them, and then execute them 24 hours a day on your behalf

  • Bespoke solutions - The flexibility of the SWARM platform provides us with the ability to meet your needs at a low cost and with high agility
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