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This race page defaults to betting points order.  For a true run race we would expect the winner to be quite high in the betting points.  The table below shows a brief description of each column that is displayed on this STATS page. For hints and tips about the data look below the table description but for any help or advice please email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


 Column Name Description

Number of the horse.

Stall number
Draw% Draw strike rate for last 2 years
Previously called ZONE, its how we rate the horses previous performances gauged to this particular race. Therefore if a grade1 winner ran in a seller he could well achieve a fitness figure of 140%.
BetP We give each horse betting points based on all pieces of data and it?s an indication of how good the bet is.  It should be used in correlation with other columns
Forecast odd
Name of the horse
Name of the trainer
Good rides to bad rides ratio based on own formula.
Name of the Jockey.  (Jockey changes happen quite frequently and the user should double check this before placing any bets).
 Hot  Good rides to bad rides ratio based on own formula.
 Weight  Weight the horse is carrying in Lbs
 Rating  This shows the handicap rating for handicap races only
 Fin This shows the best finishing speed the horse has recorded at the exact distance.  Figures range from 0 to 5
 Trainer This shows the trainers strike rate of winners at the course based over two years
 Jockey  This shows the jockey strike rate of winners at the course based over two years
 Combi  This shows the win strike rate when the jockey teams up with the trainer based on two years results over all UK courses
 Owner  Owner of the horse

  Hints and tips:

This page is designed to give you the facts.  The hot columns shows what recent form the trainer and jockey is in, it?s not a straight win strike rate which can be misleading but rather a rating about how well they are doing.  Figures of 1% mean they are not in recent form where 0% means they may not have had a recent runner.  The trainer, jockey and combi columns marked in green show a strike rate over the last two years, trainer and jockey is based at the course where the combi column is based on all UK race courses. The draw% shows the chances of that stall winning with all horses being equal.  The betting points is an overall figure based on all of the data and provided the race is run true to form*, we would expect the winner to be high in the betting points, although a correlation of this with other columns is where our tips come from.  See the handy hints on the ratings page to determine whether the race will be run true to form.


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