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This page defaults rows into fitness order. You can manually order the race by any column.

The table below shows the description of the data shown on this page and below it are tips to getting the best results from the data.

You can re-order the page by clicking on any heading and it will re-order in strenght on that peice of imformation.

 Column NameDescription

 Number of the horse.

Previously called ZONE, its how we rate the horses previous performances gauged to this particular race. Therefore if a grade1 horse ran in a seller he could well achieve a fitness figure of 140%.
 This shows the strength of the horses CHASE career.
This shows the strength of the horses HURDLE career.
 F/C Forecast odd.
 Name of the horse.
 This total shows you how we rate the horse compared to the other horses.  You will see the horses that run in grade4 will probably have a higher total than horses that run in grade6. Eventually you will see how this score can rate how good the race is compared to other races of the same grade.
 This shows the best mark the horse has achieved on our ratings.  Today?s estimated mark for winning this race is shown on the race title under the mark column.  You can see if a horse has achieved this mark before or if it can too easily win this mark or if this would be the next logical mark for this horse to win
 This shows the average mark over the last 3 races.  It gives a good indication of its form and how it rates to today?s race.
 This is the LIKE ZONE.  It basically looks at the running on like courses in case the horse hasn?t run on a particular course.  It gives the average performance and rates it against today?s strength of race
 This is the COURSE ZONE.  It looks at the runs the horse has had on this course and rates them against today?s race.  All zones therefore could calculate at over 100%.
 This is the DISTANCE ZONE.  It looks at the runs the horse has had at this distance and rates them against today?s race
 GOING This is the GOING ZONE.  It looks at the races on the going conditions and rates them against today?s race.  It gives a good indication whether the horses likes the going
 Rider If the Rider has ridden the horse then it takes his average strength of ride against today?s race.
 FormP This gives you the strength of its recent form


Hints and tips: If any figure is shown as zero, this means that we could not calculate the figure and not that this has had no chance.  You can order the race in fitness, Course and Distance zones to see how well the horses can cope with today?s conditions.  The form points accurately measures the form of the horse based on its last 3 runs.  As we are quite strict on the distances then a horse can have 0 for the distance at 18 furlongs when it has coped with 20 furlongs ok and would have been 90%.  For this looking for high numbers at the course or rider can compensate this.  Please check with other data sources to validate any data. The handicap column as explained on the Stats help file show you the horse having a few lengths advantage due to the handicapper and the ratings of individual races.  Looking at a better quality of race you will notice the errors or inadequacies of the handicap system are much smaller.

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