SWARM Live Elite

SWARM Live Elite is a desktop application based on Fracsoft's SWARM Technology , raising the bar in live betting and historical analysis against the betfair exchange. The Live Elite package offers the complete execution and IT environment for advanced betfair traders looking to exploit current edges, and unearth future ones.

The application is not aimed at those starting out trading on the betfair exchange - there are already a wealth of API tools available in the marketplace. This software has been carefully engineered to provide cutting edge performance, and has been designed to be truly flexible.

Because of the competitive edge SWARM can offer, we have agreed with our existing customers to limit the levels at which it is released to the marketplace. More information on becoming a SWARM user can be found here

We are not being elitest. Testimonials as to the power of SWARM may be found here

summary of features

  • Scriptable, adaptable, betting controls. We do not simply develop an application with a specified set of functionality - how would we know this was right for you? SWARM is flexible. SWARM allows specification of any behaviour to control a bet during its lifetime, and afterwards. As a common, core standard, the following controls are available:
    • Rapid placement of bet after inplay
    • Automatic replacement of bet after suspend events or invalidation
    • Hidden bet placement
    • "Iceberg" or large bet feeding
    • Automatic bet reversal upon various criteria
    • Timed cancellation
    • Ultra rapid "Fill-kill" functionality with several variations
  • Pluggable manual placement functionality - The behaviour of bets is modelled separately to how you place them in SWARM. As the platform is extensible, completely new placement functionality can be rapidly be placed on the interface to suit your needs. The default core set of placement interfaces include:
    • Straightforward placement, providing an interface to any bet control in your version of Swarm
    • Automatic manual trading -Simply a calculator providing position based profit calculations automatically as you place bets
    • Auto-reverse trading - designed to provide a simple interface to setting up strings of automatic bets
    • Coupon - Place large sets of bets rapidly, again, each bet having access to any of Swarm's controls
    • Market making - Designed to help for "scalpers" or "market makers" placing pairs of bets either side of the spread.
  • Configurable market display -Your view onto the market depends on what you are doing. Swarm allows you to control every piece of information you see, from a massive library of indicators, accumulators,and other controls. These may include simple standard things such as the spread price, and go right up to columns providing detailed analysis of the current market state. You can also include bet placement controls right on the market display. As if thats not enough, columns on the Swarm display may be freely plugged in.
  • Ultra-high speed graphing. Performance is the cornerstone of Swarm. High performance, complex, and configurable real-time charting functionality comes as standard. And, of course, the graph display may be setup to show time series of any column of information available to you (e.g. spread price, last traded price, a financial indicator, volumes to name but a few) - and any combination fo these. And, of course, graphs are pluggable - if its not there, it can be added at low cost.
  • Performance. Did we mention Swarm has good performance yet? Swarm performs well in a number of ways:
    • Graceful loading- As heavy load increases and the available hardware limitations are reached (this is very rarely the case) Swarm automatically adjusts its operations to maintain your edge on critical actions.
    • Resource minimisation. Every single action performed by Swarm has been optimised to minimise the resources it uses. This means, under normal operation, Swarm is just devastatingly fast. It takes longer to reach high levels of load on the system, and when it does, Swarm is performing many more tasks than the software you may be used to.
    • Control looping. The designer of Swarm understands the importance of control feedback loops. These are optimised in Swarm, meaning the feedback from every action happens instantaneously.
    • Reactive optimisation. SWARM automatically reacts to the state of its environment, to the functions its performing, and to the activity of the market and the current state of your bets in order to provide you with the best performance available at any given moment. Shannon's Principles of Information as applied to remote monitoring software have been comprehensively applied in its design.
  • Automated trigger execution. Fully comprehensive scripting platform allows for automatic execution of trading triggers, which can be driven by any of the data drawn live from the market. Automated triggers are written in SWARM's own scripting language - and by that, we really mean that. SWARM does not just back onto Excel; this is not a gimmick.
  • Live and regressive analysis. Analysed values, displayed on the main market table or on the graph, can all be used within the scripting environment. Additionally, these values are calculated in real-time, as required, and cached for rapid access. A new column (e.g. financial indicator) can be plugged into the platform
  • Dynamic time display. During the lifetime of a market, you have complete access to every state that market has passed through. You can drag a slider back to see what the market looked like 1 minute, 10 minutes, or at any time previously.
Ultimately, no list of features can make up for actually using the software. Please see here to find out how to arrange a demonstration or free trial.


  • Runs on any platform supporting Java SE 5 or above
  • Minimum of around 1ghz CPU (or equivalent rating). Recommended > 2ghz.
  • Minimum of 512mb of RAM on a Windows(tm) based system. Recommended > 1gig
  • Minimum of 1024x768 resolution display
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