About the betfair data service

"Swarm brings access to historical betfair markets, with fully timestamped price and volume data, with the easy ability to view, access, and export it."


The Fracsoft historical data service is a supplementary service supporting our entire product range, and gives access to historical betfair market data. This is not your usual historical data however. This is in fact detailed blow-by-blow reenactments of market activity, at a greater level of detail than you are likely to have witnessed using any standard website or API interface to the betfair exchange. Price and volume movements, recorded a sub-second accuracy, are made available on a standard home pc, at the click of a button.

Easy access

Large amounts of activity occur withiin markets, and the space necessary to store this at such high detail would normally be prohibitive. The Fracsoft SWARM technology allows the compression of this data into a form suitable for transmission from our central servers directly to your desktop, over a normal broadband connection. No special or expensive hardware is required.

Many applications

The question as to why is a difficult one to answer, simply because there are so many different ones to give! We will soon be giving some live demonstrations of the SWARM technology , as well as talks going into more detail about how your whole approach to gambling and sports exchange trading may be changed forever, born out of the ability to see not just what happened now, but yesterday, and this time last year.

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