Fracsoft UK Racing Disclaimer
The form indications and information included here are designed to support a prediction process, and should be employed at the user's own discretion. Fracsoft cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracy, or failure of subsequent decisions made with the information presented here as a basis. True events may of course be subject to outside factors, meaning the form suggested here does not necessarily reflect the outcome of a specific competition.

The bet recommendations, similarly, are recommendations only, and are employed at your own risk.

However, a great deal of work has taken place to develop the formsheets contained here to a useful standard, and the data has been employed, on many occasions, to a great level of success. The information presented here should be employed as an aid to betting decisions.  
Due to Fracsoft's rating algorithms and only covering UK horse racing means our database of results will not be as up to date as other racing sites.  This means any statistics like the success of a jockey at a particular course will be in-accurate but we believe our information to be better.

As an example of the above, if a horse pulls up in a flat race, whilst all other racing sites would include this run we would not, to avoid this lack of complete information watering down the jockey or this horses statistics.  Therefore all the information shown on this site is our own interpretation of the various stats and ratings.  If we say a jockey has a strike rate of 20% on a course this will not be as accurate as another site showing a more watered down version which could be considered more accurate, depending upon on your perspective.
Fracsoft does not take any responsibility for anyone's placement of bets on selections that may have been derived from ideas and opinions made using this site.  We urge all users to confirm all selections and information with other websites before making any decisions or forming opinions. Fracsoft does not condone irresponsible gambling or trading, and all bets should be placed at an affordable level of exposure. Prices and outcomes can work against you, as well as for you.


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