Flat racing weights page

The weight page is an analysis page to work out whether the horse can handle the OR rating and physical weight the horse is carrying in todays race. 

Below is a table and description of each piece of data.  Below the description table is a series of hint and tips of how to use the data.

 Column NameDescription
Forecast price
HorseHorse name
weightPhysical weight carried today with the jockey's allowance taken into account.
RatThis is the OR Rating given for todays race in handicaps or the last handicap rating we have been given.  If the horse has run abroad then this might be in-correct.  Please check.
this shows the maximum OR rating that the horse has won on over the 2 season period.  If a horse won before it got a handicap rating then we would show zero here, as we would for a horse that hasn't won.
This shows the best OR rating that Fracsoft would have given the horse based on the last two runs. 
This shows how many Lbs well in the horse would be based on our BWOR rating.
This shows the difference the horse is rated against his highest OR win. A negative figure shows he is rated higher than he has won at before.  This isn't a bad thing if the horse is improving.
Best Grade
This is the best grade the horse was won at over 2 season or a timeset we use.  We have rewritten old grades like D2 into today grading like grade 4.  We do not go back the full history of the horse.
 GW This shows the maximum weight the horse has won carrying in this grade.
 DW This shows the maximum weight the horse has won carrying at todays distance.
 GOW This shows the maximum weight the horse has won carrying on todays going.
 FWThis shows the maximum weight the horse has won carrying over the last two years irrespective of grade, distance or going.
 BWThis will be the most weight carried in a stronger grade but isn't being populated at the moment.

  Hints and tips:

The first thing to look at is todays rating.  Please check this out as it could possible be wrong in Stakes races if we can't show its last race or the handicapper has very recently changed the horse.

If the Rating is below its best winning OR rating then you know it can handle being rated against other horses at its recent best form.  If the horse is in form and has been winning then the horse would push this figure up and provided it can physically carry today weight then this is actually a good thing.

Looking at its BWOR rating against the last two runs this is a good indication of how well treated the horse has been and against how we would have rated the horse.

Now we can look at the physical weight the horse is carrying which is highlighted in the grey tables.  You can look at todays weight and see if the horse can win carrying the weight based at the distance, in the grade and in the going.  You can see what the heaviest weight the horse has won carrying although be careful of the amateur races. 

The OR rating is a rating which is used to compare horses abilities in the eyes of the handicapper and the physical weight is actually the most weight he horse can handle.  Some horses carry weight better than others.


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