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This formsheet page is designed to allow you to look at the jockey and the best way the jockey rides and see if it matches the horses running style and what jockeys were available to ride.

The table below shows you a description of the data shown and then below is a hints and tips dialog to help you get the most from the data.

 Column NameDescription
 Horse Horse's name
 Trainer of the horse
StyleThe running style we think the horse will adopt.
Best jockyThis shows you a jockey riding at the course today who has riden the horse to its best ability so far.  This only looks at jockey's riding at the course and not the best jockey overall.
ScoreThis score reflects the results obtained by that jockey on the horse.
JockyThis is the reported jockey who has been booked to ride the horse.  Please be aware that this is taken from the over night declarations and may change on the day.
AllowThis shows the jockey allowance claimed if applicable to the jockey.
ScoreIf the jockey has ridden the horse before this shows the strength of his best ride.  A score of 100 would match the performance needed to win todays race. 

This shows how many rides we have analysed to create the following pieces of data.  In general we are analysing over 95% of all races.  If the analysed figure is 40 as an example then the jockey could have ridden over that amount of ride over the last 30 days, but we could only determine the running styles of 40 of them.

FrontThis shows the percentage of winners the jockey had out of all his front running rides over the last 30 days.
MidfieldThis shows the percentage of winners the jockey had out of all his rides where he attempted to win from midfield over the last 30 days.
BehindThis shows the percentage of winners the jocky had out of all his rides where he produced the horse from behind. It is based on 30 days.
Runs this again looks at the rides where the jockey has teamed up with the trainer over the last two years or so and it is based on the rides where we could determine the running styles.
FrontThis shows the percentage of winners the jockey has had riding from the front on a horse trained by todays trainer.
This shows the percentage of winners the jockey has had riding from midfield on a horse trained by todays trainer.
This shows the percentage of winners the jockey has had riding from behind on a horse trained by todays trainer.

hints and tips:

Firstly I would look at the best jockey that has ridden the horse.  If it was over 90 then the jockey would have been a good choice for today.  A score of over 100 means that the jockey has achieved a race good enough to win todays race.

Looking at the jockey who is riding today, if it is the same jockey as the best jockey available then that's a strong plus for the horses chances.  If there was a jockey who rode it well but the trainer has changed the jockey, see how good the jockey is or look for reasons like if the best jockey was J P Spencer then he could have already been booked before the entry of this horse.  Sometimes because of the weights the trainer may opt for a strong apprentice jockey who can claim 5lbs to make the horse lighter.

I might also look at the jockeys record over the last month to see what running styles he's doing his best riding at and also how well he rides for the trainer.  Its a good page of information that over time  will be used more and more.  Always look out for jockey's who score more than 100 or a jockey who is in the 90's.

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