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This page displays the ratings and weights of the horse today and also shows the physical weights the horse has carried over the ground, distance and grade and been measured to a particular strenght of run.

There is also the Fracsoft rating BWOR which is the rating Fracsoft beleive this horse could acheive today.  Below is a table showing the descriptions of each column.

 *NB  when the description says rated to a decent run this means its performance has been measured over a certain level compared to todays race.

 Column NameDescription
fc forecast price
Horse's name
WeightWeight being carried today.
RatingIn handicaps this is today's rating.
winORHighest rating the horse has won at over the last two years.
BWORFracsoft's measured rating of the horse.
lastThe difference between the Fracsoft rating and todays official rating.
WRThis shows the difference between the horses best rating win and todays rating.
Best gradeBest grade the horse has won in. This does not go back through the whole racing career.
GWMost weight carried on a decent run at today's grade.
DWMost weight carried on a decent run at today's distance.

GOWMost weight carried on a decent run on today's going.
 FW Most weight carried on a decent run.
BW Most weight carried on a decent run at its highest grade of race.

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