Bespoke data reporting services

Fracsoft can provide customised mining and presentations of betfair market data.

Information available

Market reports are based on the historical betfair market data we have available to us in our database. Using the SWARM technology , we can interrogate this data in just about any way you can imagine. Simply tell us what you want, and we'll work to provide it for you. Some examples might include:

  • Long term price averages for particular classes of market
  • Summarised price trends in-running
  • Financial indicator performance for a particular period in a market
A sample report is available for download. This report provides a very simplistic price-based plot over the last 30 minutes berfore several races, and then subsequently inplay. Each line corresponds to the winner of the race. Far more comprehensive reporting over much larger datasets is available, and this is provided as an example only.

Data delivery

The simple answer to that question is, in any way you would like to. We can generate reports for example as Excel sheets, or as SQL database dumps, or as simple text or html files.

Maintenance and integration

We are easily able to setup bespoke "push" reporting services which will provide you with the information right where you need it, on a regular basis. Please specify in detail your requirements when you contact us.

Report pricing

The cost varies depending on the work overhead imposed on us by what you ask for, and on the dataset upon which we must draw in order to provide you with the information.


Fracsoft fully recognises the confidential and sensitive nature of information which drives risk strategies. If required, both you and us sign a non-disclosure agreement.

The next step

Please contact us either directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or by completing the reporting enquiry form


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