Data and Risk Analysis

Fracsoft provides completely risk-free analysis and testing of price/market driven betfair trading strategies.


SWARM allows us to to specify trading rules in what we call a "market trigger" (you may be famiiliar with the term "bot"). This trigger is written in the SWARM environment, which then allows us to simulate its execution against any of the historical markets in our database.


SWARM gives us a fully timestamped list of transactions that would have been executed against the price stream in question, if it had been live. We are then able to simulate the settling of any bets created. Therefore, the output of an analysis is first and foremost a very accurate profit estimation. Secondly, the transacational list gives a clear insight into the behaviour of the trigger, allowing optimisation of any variables.

Trigger development

We therefore provide access to the functionality of our platform as a development service, and will implement your strategy for you. You have access to the implementation at all times on your own copy of the platform, and will subsequently have the option to fully automate it's execution.


Fracsoft recognises the sensitive nature of trading strategies and will sign a non-disclosure agreement with you if required. Should you prefer to work without having to disclose any sensitive information, you may find our data reporting service more suitable to your needs.

Strategy execution

Fracsoft also provides a strategy execution service, in which we use the same trigger (same code even) that we have developed to de-risk your strategy, to execute against live markets, using the SWARM platform on a hosted server. For more information on this, please go here . Alternatively, you can become a SWARM Live Elite customer, and execute the trigger yourself on your own machine.

Further details

Please contact us either directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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