About Us

Fracsoft is a UK-based limited company, setup to explore the new possibilities created by sports exchanges such as betfair.

Fracsoft provides services relating to the analysis and execution of electronic trading exchanges. We have a rich knowledge in the practical and theoretical aspects of sports exchange trading, and seek to explore the opportunities today's electronic markets provide.

We develop trade execution and analysis tools for use in the sports trading domain, and also provide access to historical betfair data using our Swarm software platform.

Responsible gambling

We do not condone irresponsible gambling in any form, nor attempt to profit by misleading claims of potential fortunes.

We make no false claims that any of our products are in any way guaranteed to make you money. Sports exchange gambling is a zero-sum game, and for every winner there must be a loser. We recognise the nature of the market dictates that there is no sure-fire solution for long-term profit, and endeavour to ensure our customers recognise this. We are well versed in the nature of the exchange market mechanisms and the importance of software tools and information to your success, and design our products to provide you with everything necessary to realise success as a sports exchange trader.

Fracsoft Ltd, 2006.


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