Fracsoft "Swarm" software

The Fracsoft SWARM technology underpins all our operations, services, and products. SWARM is the name given to our core software platform, ranging from advanced analysis and research support, right through to rapid and powerful live bet execution.

The name SWARM is an acronym for Software Workstation for Analysis and Risk-Management. However, the name is also adopted because of the complex and reactive "threading" architecture driving the real-time processes of the software, which can be likened to a swarm of insects cooperating to achieve a particular goal. 

Compressed, transferrable data

Highly detailed recorded representations of betfair market activity: There are existing solutions which allow you to record a few markets to a CSV file, but in terms of providing useful statistical analysis, these are toys. The SWARM compression format allows you to manage the data locally, and distribute it globally. The data may be viewed, analysed, and interacted with inside all SWARM products, or you may choose to export to a variety of formats to process information using other tools. SWARM gives you access to a quantity of betfair market data an order of magnitude greater than was previously available.

Data analysis

The SWARM recording technology does not stop at simply replaying what happened. SWARM has an extensible architecture allowing us to plug in various forms of analysis onto existing data. In this way, we can easily develop new and interesting ways of inferring more useful information from raw data streams, and retro test this against all the existing information we have. You will be able to do this too.

Powerful transaction execution

The betfair exchange is made available to software developers through a web service interface (see the Betfair Developer Program). We recognise that the most critical factor in any interaction with a market exchange is speed, in both reading the current situation of the market, and sending your responses and interactions. Milliseconds can make the difference between profit and loss. Nobody does it better. Need proof? We already have it. Watch this space to see for yourself.


SWARM is written in pure Java, and extensive work has gone into creating our own pluggable platform environment. All our products based on the SWARM technology are built essentially from Fracsoft's home-rolled form of software lego. This allows us to adapt custom solutions, bespoke analysis tools, and new features into our different products extremely rapidly.


SWARM is an end-to-end solution. It provides completely integrated scripting environments for interacting with, reporting, and analysis the compressed data streams of betfair markets. It also provides an environment for scripted control of bets, and even entire market trading strategies - the world's first fully integrated trading bot development environment. 
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