SWARM Testimonials

Rather than provide a single testimonial statement, we have asked some current users of SWARM to respond to a number of questions. The questionnaire that follows was entirely voluntarily undertaken. Their responses to each of the questions, based on two month's use of SWARM, are directly quoted. The users were all very familiar with current API tools on the market when we first approached them.

Which other api tools/websites have you used in the last year? 

"A personalised version of the Gruss betting Assistant"

"Pre-Swarm I only used Gruss which was perfectly acceptable until I decided to give Swarm a trial."

Are you now using SWARM in preference to any tools you mentioned above?

"Yes, all my traffic now goes thru SWARM. I still have other screens open, as a back-up[, but, this is becoming less necssary by the day."

"From the first day it was obvious that the speed of refresh/execution was superior to Gruss and greater profits were certain to flow after familiarity with Swarm was established"

Could you comment on SWARM's speed/reactions in terms of providing you with information on relevant positions/prices, and in terms of placing or replacing bets? 

"SWARM is the fastest refresh/execution platform, on the market. Nothing else comes close."

"The bet placement/execution speed is remarkable. Any user wishing for pre race analysis of the Betfair market as it evolves will be delighted with its features. A seismic shift in data analysis can now be achieved."

Could you comment on the flexibility of SWARM, as demonstrated by the current different available methods of managing bets, and the scope for more in the future? 

"SWARM has the most complete range of functionality on the market. It is the Rolls-Royce of trading tools."

"The range of features on Swarm, with regard to the variety of ways bet placement can be attained is simply staggering. Any way you can think of to place bets for profit can be made now. This feature alone means any serious trader has to use Swarm or frankly they may as well not bother."

 "I only really use SWARM for placing standard bets, but I have played around with some of the other settings and can see the flexibility that it offers."

Could you comment on the service level you've received from Fracsoft over 2 months? 

"The degree of understanding/implementation of new bet models, is without peer. All tasks have been undertaken with excellent speed, and more importantly, accuracy. Often, new ideas are full o bugs. This has not been the case with SWARM."

"The service levels given by the Swarm customer service is brilliant. Same HOUR replies to any question are not uncommon. Problems are sorted efficiently and quickly."

Could you briefly describe your impressions of the download->view->simulate functionality SWARM's compression technology offers? 

"If you have the time to data-mine, looking to refine betting strategies - gold nuggets are hidden in the depths of the data which has previously remained impossible to analyse."

"The simulation package is awesome. How many times have you thought of possible betting strategies, only to abort implementation because of the possible exposure costs? With the simulation package, its now possible to fully test any strategy you like in a safe cost free environment."

"The service has been superb, usually receiving responses to email enquiries in minutes.  I once received an instant reply at ten past two on a Saturday morning, although I don't think these are standard Fracsoft office hours!"

Could you comment on the usefulness of the market reports generated by Fracsoft?

"They have re-inforced betting ideas .. and betting strategies have been developed. Their implementation against live markets is working well."

"I've not yet used it."

"The data service is a must for anyone who bases their strategy on previous happenings.   Being able to store the amount of data I have in such a compressed state is really useful."

Could you offer a figure or value to give readers an idea of the quantity of money you trade through betfair?

"I look to make £200,000 clear profit a year - this is based on my earnings for the past five years."

"My daily expectation of win/loss is £1000  playing in-running on every [horse] race. Confidence in the execution package is a big help when dealing in size as markets can and will turn against you and the ability to cut potential losses to a minimum is a massive credit to Swarm. My annual profit is around £100,000 a year and frankly thought before Swarm was available I was doing ok. Its obvious to maintain success on Betfair, products like Swarm simply have to be invested in otherwise you will simply be out manoeuvred on a daily basis."

"I turn over several thousands of pounds on an in-running football match.  This runs into tens of thousands of pounds if there are alot of price fluctuations, eg sendings offs, several goals etc."

If SWARM has helped you increase your profits, could you hazard a guess at how much, or in what way any increase has been generated?

"It is the next step forward. It re-inforces my current earning power, and will induce new ideas/areas to target."

"I would estimate Swarm has increased my earning capacity by at least 25%"

What ways do you use SWARM?

"I use it to exploit any areas I consider I have an edge. I am not going to give clues as to where those edges lie."

"I have generally used Swarm purely as an inrunning and strategy analysis tool."

"In-running football, data analysis on UK horse racing."

Do you have any other comments?

"Exchange betting technology is still in its infancy. This tool, is a good step, towards graduation."

"Evolve or die its really that simple. Putting your head in the sand is not an option."


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