Availability of Swarm trading platforms

SWARM is unique in that it is distributed as a bespoke platform for every single user. Every SWARM customer has their own version of the platform, which may comprise of plugins designed specifically for the way they use the betfair exchange, on top of those offered by the standard SWARM platform. Updates and extra functionality are delivered directly to your desktop from our servers, at the click of a button.

Limited availability

SWARM contains a performance edge which our existing customers wish to protect. We understand the futility of making widely available functions for a particular method of interacting with the betfair exchange - any inefficiency in the market which it exploits is rapidly eaten up. Therefore, SWARM is not available as a simple "Click and Download" application at the present time.

In the future we expect to make a cut down version of the platform available.

What we provide

The standard SWARM Live Elite package provides:

  • The complete SWARM Live application
  • Free demonstration and installation
  • Access to all common updates
  • Initial training and support period

Bespoke maintenance and support

In addition to the standard package installation, we provide an extra maintenance and support program. This is designed to offer you over the odds information on using Swarm, and direct access to our developers should you wish the platform to be extended in any unique way not available in the standard package.

Further information

If you would like to purchase SWARM, please send us an email describing your interests in it. We may then be able to provide you with a free trial of the software, including a day of our time to give you hands on training and initial support to help you evaluate it for yourself.


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