This demonstration reflects only a small portion of the data available in the full formsheet. Multiple tables and different views of many aspects of both the race and runners within that race are available in the full version. We provide a unique ratings system which reads the comments of every race. This allows us to rate horses more accurately than alot of our competitors and provide an easy to read format.

This is one recent race and how we rated the winner above the other horses in the race.

date course time description
2017-04-16 SOUTHWELL 5.40 The winner in this race was rated the best at the distance and given the most betting points.

The data below is a cutdown page from 8 possible formsheet pages of information per race.

draw draw% style fit fc horse bet total max av lik crs dis go fin form pos odds

Here is a small list of winners over a 6 day period and how they were rated by our formsheet:

date course time fc horse odds TYPE
2017-04-21 BATH 5.30 3.2 Danglydontask (GB) 3.7 TOP RATED: Fitness,Betting points,Distance,Form
2017-04-21 BATH 6.00 3.5 Priceless (GB) 2.6 TOP RATED: Fitness,Betting points,Distance,Form
2017-04-21 BATH 7.30 6.0 International Law (GB) 1.7 TOP RATED: fitness,Betting points,Distance
2017-04-21 NEWBURY 3.05 3.5 Shutter Speed (GB) 2.3 TOP RATED: fitness,Betting points,Distance


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